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Blue Ultra

Sausalito, California

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I made this image just after sunset during a time when day transitions into night, a brief period photographers call the "blue hour".

Fog like this rolls in from the sea and into San Francisco often, but its form and appearance is fickle thing to predict. Sometimes it’s a slow moving, thick mass that completely engulfs the bridge and parts of the city. Other times it can be a fast moving mist that blows in fast and back out just as quick. For photographers this wonderful phenomenon is a challenge to capture. You may see the huge white mass approach from the sea, but by the time you get on location (a one hour hike in near darkness in this case) and set up your gear, it’s gone.

I've been searching for just this kind of condition over the Golden Gate Bridge for several years, where the iconic bridge towers pierce a thick blanket of low fog. Then one evening in November, it happened. The remarkable colors are natural.

Golden Gate BridgefogSan Francisco