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Lucky Blue Boat #9

Ross Lake
Rockport, Washington
August 31, 2016

Ross Lake is a 23 mile long reservoir lying in the North Cascade mountains of northern Washington State, United States, and stretching into southern British Columbia, Canada.

This is a gorgeous lake full of large Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, and Dolly Varden. We enjoyed two days days of fishing while living in a rustic floating cabin, and we caught a lot of big fish in our rented blue boat #9.

Nikon D810 + Nikkor 24-70mm @ 24mm. Three image composite. I made this photograph at 5:30AM while standing on a moving dock. The ambient light was much darker than how it appears in this photo, so I had to push the ISO at the expense of noise to achieve usable images. A gentle breeze rippled the water as the moving boat swayed from right to left. I made one long exposure to smooth the water; then repositioned the boat and made a shorter exposure to get a sharp photo of it; then made a third exposure to get a sharp photo of the mountains. I blended the three photographs together for this final composite.

lakeRoss Lakeboat